Kyosuke ADACHI

Project Research Fellow

Research Interests

My research focuses on linguistics and social history in South Asia. At present, I am engaging with the issue of historiography in vernacular literature, in particular  “caste genealogy” in Marathi language.



M.A., Graduate School of Area and Culture Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Ph.D. candidate, Graduate School of Area and Culture Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

【Academic Positions】

2009  Visiting researcher, Faculty of Languages and Cultures, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
2011-  Part-time Lecturer, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and others
2016-  Project Research Fellow, Uehiro Project for the Asian Research Library

Books & Articles

– ‘Colonial lexicography and the mind of Maharashtra: A study on the making of Molesworth’s Marathi-English dictionary, 1824-1831’, in Maharashtra (The Association for Maharashtra Studies) 12, 2015. pp.35-64.(in Japanese)

– ‘East India Company’s judicature and vernacular language in the nineteenth century Bombay presidency’, Tagengo shakai kenkyukai nenpo 6, 2011.pp.151-173.(in Japanese)

– ‘Locality and Universality of Vernaculars: A Study of Language Learning among the East India Company’s Servants’ in Marga: Ways to Liberation, Empowerment, and Social Change in Maharashtra (Delhi: Manohar). Edited by Hiroyuki Kotani, Masao Naito, and Iwao Shima, 2008.pp.147-168.

– Index to Japanese periodical articles on South Asia; “Journal of the Indo-Japanese Association”, “Indo-Karukatta-Nihon-Shohinkan-Kanpo”, “Journal of the Indo-Japanese Economic Association”, “Shin-Ajia”, “Sogo-Indo-Geppo”, Tokyo: Centre for Documentation & Area-Transcultural Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 2006. xiv+440p.(in Japanese)

– ‘Dakshina Rules of Bombay Presidency (1836-1851) : Its Constitution and Principles’ in Journal of Japanese Association for South Asia Studies 13, 2001. pp.24-51.

DSCN5147 DSCN5144

Both pictures are of Hutatma Chowk in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India.

After independence, India formulated states reorganization on a linguistic basis. Hutatma Chowk is a square commemorating the establishment of State of Maharashtra.