Kentaro NARITA

Project Research Fellow

 Research Interests

Kentaro NARITA specializes in the history of handwriting of Chinese characters, with a particular focus on the theories of Chinese calligraphy. His main interests are the calligraphical and literary analyses of the narrative discourse about Chinese calligraphy.



2004 B.A., Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University
2006 M.A., Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University
2007–2008 Senior visiting student, China Academy of Art
2009–2011 Senior visiting student, Peking University
2015 D.Litt., Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University

【Academic Positions】

2012 Part-time Lecturer, Kyoto University
2015–present Project Research Fellow, Uehiro Project for the Asian Research Library

Books & Articles

“The Use of Sources in Chang Huai-kuan’s Shu-tuan and Popular Treatises on Calligraphy,” Shogaku shodōshi kenkyū 22, October 2012: 13–26 (in Japanese).

“The Reception of Yen Chên-ch‘ing’s Calligraphy and its Conversion,” Shoron 40, August 2014: 78–91 (in Japanese).

“Views of Individual Styles and Methods in Literary and Calligraphic Theories of the Wei-Chin and Southern Dynasties,” Tōhōgaku 130, July 2015: 36–52 (in Japanese).

Calligraphic Theories of Medieval China, Kyoto University Press, March 2016 (in Japanese).

“The Preparation of Bibliographic Records for Digital Public Access to Calligraphic Rubbings,” Shogaku shodōshi kenkyū 27, November 2017: 29–41 (in Japanese).