Project Assistant Professor

Research Interests

My research focuses on the field of Persian literature, centering on the works of Nāsir Khusraw, an 11th century Persian poet and Isma’ili philosopher, from the perspective of intellectual and literary history of Iran. Also, while considering the relationship between reality and rhetoric in contemporary Iranian fictions, I, little by little, work to understand contemporary Iranian history through literary works. In the field of library science, I put my working experience in academic libraries to use in grappling with the issues involved in acquisition, cataloging, and facilitating the use of Middle Eastern and Islamic Area Studies resources.



B.A., Middle Eastern Languages Course, School of Foreign Languages, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
M.A., Graduate School of Area and Culture Studies (Asian Studies III, Language and Culture Course), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Ph.D. candidate, Graduate School of Area and Culture Studies (Area and Culture Studies), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

【Academic Positions】

2004-2006 Cultural attaché, Japanese Embassy in Iran
2008–2010 Research Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
2010–2011 Library staff (cataloging), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Library
2011–2016 Research Fellow, Documentation Center for Islamic Area Studies, Toyo Bunko
2016- Project Assistant Professor, Uehiro Project for the Asian Research Library

Books & Articles

“Aspects of Collection Building, Cataloging and Utilization of Islamic Area Studies Resources in Japan” (in Japanese), Information Science and Technology (in Japanese) 66, no. 1: 8–13. 2016.

“Chapter 3: Searching for Historical Resources, Learning from Historical Resources” (in Japanese). In Toru Miura, ed. Learning about Islam: Historical Resource Materials and Search Methods (in Japanese) (pp. 58–87). Yamakawa Shuppansha, 2015.

“Narrative Strategies of Ahmad Mahmud’s Novel Hamsāyehā (The Neighbors)” (in Japanese), Journal of Iranian Studies (in Japanese) 11: 59–75. 2015.

“Isma’ili Elements in the Thought of Nāsir Khusraw: On Cosmology and Quranic Hermeneutics” (in Japanese). In Haruo Kobayashi, et al eds. Structure and Transformation of Knowledge in Islam: Thought, Science, Society and Their Interactions (in Japanese) (pp. 237–61). Joint Usage/Research Center for Islamic Area Studies, Organization for Islamic Area Studies,  Waseda University (WIAS), 2011.

“Maybudi’s Kash al-Asrar and Nasir Khusraw’s Wajh-i din: Two Different Reactions to the Quran in Persian Literature” (in Japanese). In A Database for the Celebrated Persian Mystical Commentary on the Quran: Maybudi’s Kashf al-Asrar (Report for Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research B: 2005–2007. Principal Investigator: Morio Fujii.) (pp. 61–82), 2007.