11 items added to the “Asian Research Library Digital Collections”

On 18th February 2022, 11 items were added to the “Calligraphic models” collection of the UTokyo Asian Research Library Digital Collections. The new items are as follows;

曹全碑(ID: A005603)
集字聖教序(ID: A005938)
関中本真草千字文(ID: A005940)
玄秘塔碑(ID: A006059)
洛神賦十三行(ID: A006078)
争坐位稿(ID: A006082)
拪先塋記(ID: A006222)
顔氏家廟碑(ID: A006258)
張遷碑(ID: A006261)
曹全碑(ID: A006263)
争坐位稿(ID: A006586)

Acknowledgments: This digital collection is part of the UTokyo Digital Archives Project.

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February 24, 2022