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The World’s Largest English Language Newspaper, Giving a Detailed History of India

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Introducing The Times of India Database


Announcing U-PARL’s new introduction of The Times of India to the Proquest Database

The Times of India is a leading newspaper in India. Today it boasts the largest circulation of any English newspaper in the world. Ever since its first edition in 1838 as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce, it has continuously covered 180 years of India’s history from the colonial period until today, including the Revolt of 1857 (Indian Mutiny), the establishment of the British Raj, the independence movement, the Partition of India, the Indo-Pak wars and conflicts, communal disturbances, and India’s staggering economic development. It goes without saying that it is an indispensable resource in studying the history of India, but it is also a useful database for a wide range of fields including British studies, empire studies, Asia studies, and media studies.

This database is one of ProQuest Company’s “Historical Newspapers” databases, and can be cross-searched with different ProQuest databases and with the Chinese Newspaper Collection that has been introduced at the University of Tokyo.

The actual newspaper pages themselves have been digitized, so in addition to being able to browse articles in their original release layout, users can conduct full-text searches. PDFs of either full pages or individual articles can be downloaded for later use. Also provided are indexes organized by article type.

The interface is the same as that of ProQuest. Detailed instructions for use can be found in the manual (http://www.dl.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/manual/proquest_userguide_e.pdf), but it is an intuitive system.

We welcome all researchers, in South Asia studies or otherwise, to go and explore the database!

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■How to Use■

– GACoS does not yet have a direct entry into the database so please click on the following URL.

– To cross-search with different ProQuest databases, please visit these URLs.

– To access from off-campus, please see this page.

– An explanation of this database is available from ProQuest through the following URL.

– This database now covers the period up through 2006. A year’s worth of new contents will be added every year from now.

Those wanting to view articles from the last three months can use the “Library PressDisplay” database.

The “Proquest Newsstand Complete,” which provides articles since 2006, can be accessed through the following service provided by the National Diet Library.

The Times of India website can also be referred to directly.