Satoshi UNNO

Concurrent Associate Professor (Graduate School of Engineering)

Research Interests

Satoshi UNNO is interested in Japanese architectural history, East Asian architectural history and conservation of cultural properties. Based on architectural remains, historical documents and pictures, archeological remains, He is trying to reveal the history of design, construction technique and system, maintenance system, meaning of architecture and influence on society.

Current main topics of his studies are as below;
(1) An architectural technology propagation between Japan and East Asia in ancient age
(2) An architectural technology propagation between central and local area in ancient Japan
(3) A history of building maintenance in Japan
(4) Reconstruction and restoration in past and present
(5) An international rules for preservation of wooden architecture


Dr. Eng. the University of Tokyo Graduate School
Research fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Nara National Institute for Cultural Properties, Researcher
2018 Graduate school of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, Associate Professor
2021 Concurrent project member, Uehiro Project for the Asian Research Library


“The construction system and maintenance of architecture in Nara period” Yoshikawakobunkan, 2015
“The Reconstruction of Ancient Architecture -the bridge from past to present ” Yoshikawakobunkan, 2017
“The Japanese history through Architecture ” Yoshikawakobunkan, 2018
“Cultural Heritage and Reconstructionology” 2019 (the Author and Editor)