What's New

  • COLLECTION The Akira SUEHIRO Collection Akira SUEHIRO was a prominent scholar of Asian economics. His collection which in total incorporates 2,233 it 8.Feb.2021
  • COLLECTION The Yumio SAKURAI Collection Yumio SAKURAI was a distinguished scholar of historical area studies. His collection comprises 2,112 pieces an 8.Dec.2020
  • BLOG The Asian Research Library has opened its doors The Asian Research Library, whose development U-PARL has been supporting from the 2014 school year, was opened 1.Oct.2020
  • COLLECTION 【DIGITAL COLLECTIONS】Asian Research Library Digital Collections High resolution digital images are now available . 15.Sep.2020
  • COLLECTION 【DATABASE】Zhonghua Zaizao Shanben 中華再造善本(China Rare Book Reprinted Collection) U-PARL has provided a database of Zhonghua Zaizao Shanben Shujuku. 9.Dec.2019