What's New

  • COLLECTION 【DIGITAL LIBRARY】Zhonghua Zaizao Shanben 中華再造善本(China Rare Book Reprinted Collection) U-PARL has provided a database of Zhonghua Zaizao Shanben Shujuku. 9.Dec.2019
  • COLLECTION 【DIGITAL LIBRARY】Zhonghua jingdian guji ku 中華經典古籍庫 Database of Chinese Classics Announcing the opening of the Zhonghua jingdian guji ku 中華經典古籍庫 (Database of Chinese Classics)! 1.Dec.2019
  • COLLECTION 【DIGITAL LIBRARY】Shen Bao Announcing the opening of the Shen Bao 申報, one of the titles in the Database of Chinese Modern Documents. 10.Nov.2019
  • COLLECTION 【DIGITAL LIBRARY】People’s Daily U-PARL has provided a database of the People’s Daily, a leading daily newspaper in contemporary China. 7.Nov.2019
  • COLLECTION Asian Research Library Resources Moved to Main Library Third Floor Looking toward the opening of the Asian Research Library, U-PARL has been collecting new Asian research resour 4.Jun.2018