What's New

  • COLLECTION How to search Asian Research Library materials How to retrieve and browse the catalog of the Asian Research Library's materials via UTokyo OPAC. 9.Nov.2021
  • Introduction to the Automated Storage Are you acquainted with the Automated Storage? The General Library of UTokyo is equipped with a huge undergrou 4.Nov.2021
  • BLOG “The 23rd Library Fair & Forum” Poster Presentation From November 1 - 30, 2021, "The 23rd Library Fair & Forum" will be held. 1.Nov.2021
  • Michiko Nakao receives U Chicago’s Provost’s Global Faculty Award On July 1, Project Research Fellow Michiko Nakao and Korean Studies Librarian at the University of Chicago, Ya 16.Aug.2021
  • BLOG Two new staff members On May 1, tow new staff members joined the Uehiro Project for the Asian Research Library (U-PARL). 1.May.2021