Asian Research Library Resources Moved to Main Library Third Floor



(*As the opening of the Asian Research Library on October 1, 2020, the resources have been moved to the 4th floor of the main building.)

Looking toward the opening of the Asian Research Library, U-PARL has been collecting new Asian research resources.

These resources, which had been temporarily accessible in the stacks of the General Library, have been available on the third floor of the main building since May 22, 2018. Loan conditions  are the same as those for other General Library open shelf resources.

The resources housed can be seen here. (New resources always being added)

The works housed in the Asian Research Library are categorized in the three stages of region → language → subject.

To browse content narrowed down to each region please access via the following:

General resources related to Asia
East Asia resources
South-east Asia resources
South Asia resources
Central Eurasia resources
West Asia resources

To cross-reference against region and narrow results to subject type, please access via the following:

000 General works
100 Philosophy
200 History
300 Social Sciences
400 Natural Sciences
500 Technology
600 Industry
700 The Arts
800 Language
900 Literature

When narrowing down searches to language, please use the filtering item options that appear on the left.

Additionally, resources donated by Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS), which will be located on the floor of the Asian Research Library, are currently being housed in the Komaba Library. And, and the Chinese rare books purchased by U-PARL are also accessible as materials of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia Library.
Please feel free to make use of these resources.